Go To Meeting: Beating on The Chest of God

Walks On The Beach

Walks On The Beach (Photo credit: Mike Saechang)

Faith isn’t always easy. I don’t know this from personal experience, not being a  person of faith myself, but from those of my friends that are part of a faith community. Many have kept their belief in divine love (as opposed to divine “I love you better than everyone else”) through incredible difficulties. They have sat through other people feeding them tired clichés and conflicting advice and come through the other side with their faith intact. I find that kind of strength stirring to my soul (and while I am uncertain of its existence, to quote Neil Gaiman “call it a soul for it is solely mine.”)

That is why I want to share with you a project put together by one of my very best friends. The second part of today’s title are not my own words, but the title of a book by Rachel Whaley Doll. Her faith journey was fraught with difficulties as she struggled with infertility. She knows she is not alone in that rough road and has put together Beating on The Chest of God to help those still suffering through that and similar challenges to their faith. I don’t want to misrepresent her intent or message so I will leave you with a link to her Kickstarter.

I know this will seem odd, me of all people, pushing for support of a “religious” project. I believe, however, that this book is so much more than that. I believe Rachel’s words have nothing to do with doctrine or dogma (and if you knew her and her husband like I do, you would take that on faith) but with emotional strength and healing. People should feel comfortable doubting, and she gives them permission, or more appropriately, the permission to give themselves permission, to do so. It seems to me, and I think maybe this is the crux of her argument, real faith can withstand your own doubts.

As long as I have known her (and its hard to believe its been ten years now) hers has been a faith without judgement, without self-righteousness, and one full of love. I know she will bring these qualities to this book. Indeed I have been fortunate to have had a front seat to its creation, so I know she has, and that it will have a profound effect on those who need it. That is why I am asking you to give to the Kickstarter, or at least, watch the video and pass it along. Thank you very much.


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