Every Clock Winds Down

Old Clock

Old Clock (Photo credit: abolotnov)

Eventually the spring loosens, the batteries run out, or the solar cells are no longer any good. Everything reaches its end. We have only a limited time to enjoy anything in this world, and that includes each other. Sooner or later (and it is always sooner than we want) we have to say goodbye. Each and every time you see someone, whether at their home, the post office, the store, or your favorite coffee shop, may be the last, which is why we need to say the things that should be said when we can.

It seems trite, and of course this post will be nowhere near the first on the internet sharing these sentiments, but life is short. It is too short to hold on to anger and resentment, and certainly too short to not tell people how much they mean to us. More often than not though, we forget to do that. It is easy to do so, in the rush of our daily lives, and while most of us at least tell those closest to us we love them when an encounter begins or ends, we miss those opportunities with so many others. We miss the chance to brighten their day after they have brightened ours.

Such is the case with the father of a friend who just passed. For six years I saw George almost every day when I worked at Java Junction. He was a sweet, smiling, polite older man. He never complained and always had a friendly word. Seeing him walk through that door always made my day a little better, no matter how harried I was. In all that time, though, I never told him. I had one last opportunity, when he walked in to the bookshop I now work in to buy a paper. I missed that one too, and now he is gone.

I know, deep down we all know this. I know for a while after you read this (and for me after writing it) we will try to do a better job. I also know that life will get crazy again. We will all fall into bad habits, we will forget to tell those people who make us happier in little ways that they do so. I hope, though, that for just some small time, we remember, and don’t miss those chances. It is the little moments, those seconds ticking away, that make a life. Each one matters before the clock winds down.


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