An Early Christmas Message

christmas star

christmas star (Photo credit: brockvicky)

Since early this past summer an idea has been knocking around my head. I will be honest it was an idea born in part from the fact that I always feel bad that I cannot reciprocate the way I would like when it comes to gift giving  the way I would like, but it was also, after reflection, a notion I think is one worth sharing. This year instead of the folk I love getting me books, ,clothes, gift certificates, a bed, or whatever else, I would like them to donate to a cause that is important to them. Maybe it will be one we agree upon, maybe it will not, but regardless I would like it to be something they are passionate about. I know I will be doing the same instead of buying for the adults in my life (the kids are still getting books.)

I hope the idea catches on. I think it is one that has a decent chance of transforming our society. It may help us let go of this consumerist culture we have grasped for so long. One can almost guarantee that it will help us avoid, at least a little, the headaches we incur rushing to the malls, dealing with crowds, and worrying whether or not the other person will like what we get them. Maybe if we all started doing this instead of just throwing a few cents or bucks into a red bucket without thinking what that change is doing (oh yeah, this plan will require  a little homework on your part.)

What is more, I truly believe this is more in keeping with the message of the day. No, I am not a Christian, I am not suddenly a believer in the divinity of Christ, but I am a believer in Christ the philosopher, or at least that someone wrote about this man and laid down some good ideas in the process. These teachings have the bones of a truly just society in which we all love each other and take the time to make the world a safer, kinder, and saner place. Christmas, with its ties to pagan holidays with a similar tone is a time of hope, a time we can truly believe we can bring peace on Earth and good will towards men.

I know I am bringing this to you a bit early, but I also know a lot of folks start their Christmas shopping this early. So please, take a few minutes to think this plan over. Consider doing this, for yourself, for your family and for your world. Whether or not you are Christian you can make the impending holidays a time in which we take an active role in living the life alluded to in the season’s message. Spread the word, and bring those happy tidings to the rest of humanity.


What do you think?

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