Friday Nite Poetry: Surviving

Dawn on Memorial Day at Smith Mountain Lake

Dawn on Memorial Day at Smith Mountain Lake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wednesday was the worst day of my life. There is no exaggeration in that comment. I cannot get into details now, because the story is not mine alone to tell, but it was worse than caring for my dying mother then losing her, worse than losing my cousin and best friend, worse than being homeless, worse than the time I tried to kill myself, worse than getting kicked out of the army, and worse than every time I have let my loved ones down. It was worse, maybe, than all of those combined. Despite that, I know I will survive. In the past any one of those things may have destroyed me, but not now. With the help of so many others I have found the strength I always had inside me but never knew. This will not break me, but make me stronger still, and that is why I wrote this Wednesday night.


Dear Universe;

You have tried
and tested me
and even nearly bested me.

You have left me
in doubt,
thrown about,
and once even
ready to check out
but you never got that knock out.

Dragged through the gravel,
bloodied and bruised,
forever confused,
and often abused.
I have taken
every thing you have thrown at me.

And I know I have stumbled,
faltered and fumbled,
over and again,
you have kept me humbled.
I pull myself to my feet.

Now you have taken
your best swing yet
and it was a safe bet
that I would act
In a way I could not regret,
and yet:

Because you have made me mighty,
stronger than any steel,
and though I may still reel
from this ordeal
I truly feel
I can take this fire
you try to burn me in
and turn it into fuel to fly higher than ever before.


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