Always On

Photo of a cloud illuminated by sunlight.

Photo of a cloud illuminated by sunlight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Kendra gets through about half her bills before it hits her. Sitting with the pile of papers with the bright sunlight pouring into her kitchen it becomes too easy to let her mind drift. The sunbeam hits that dreadful stack and pulls her mind away and she drifts into dreams of another life, one in which she followed her ambitions across country to become a star, or just left town to try to make it another way in another place. She sighs and smiles, and all the things that might have been dance about her head.

It’s not that she is unhappy. Quite the contrary, Kendra is very happy. She has a wonderful husband four amazing kids and a small business of her own. She keeps busy with the house, projects and volunteering. She loves every minute and really would not change it for anything. It is just that sometimes these moments come to her and it is pleasant to think about what might have been.

She has always been like this, and when she was younger her mother hounded her for it. “You gotta get your head out of the clouds Kendra.” She would tell her and for a while it would bring her back. Kendra would put her nose to the grindstone and pull her grades up, eventually becoming Salutatorian of her class and on to graduating college with honors. After changing majors six times of course.

Then she met Malik and he did not care that sometimes, on their dates her eyes would be focused far away. He would just ask her what she was looking at. The first four times she said nothing until the fifth date she told him. She told him how she could never stop day dreaming, how her head could just pull her away. He just smiled that bright smile of his, telling her he figured, and that was the reason he was drawn to her.

Malik accepts her for who she is. He encourages her to dream, to drift, and to come back again. The latter he does through just loving her as she is, and Kendra knows how lucky that make her in this world. So for a half hour her mind wanders until it makes its way back to the task at hand, rejuvenated and ready to go.




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