Go To Meeting: Feeling the Love

A green and red Perseid meteor striking the sk...

A green and red Perseid meteor striking the sky just below Milky Way. The trail appears slightly curved due to edge distortion in the lens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By now everyone who has read all of my posts knows that I find my wonder and enjoyment of the universe from the endless discovery of its inner workings. I find joy in learning about everything from the sub atomic to the super clusters of galaxies and beyond. I have never found the need for faith, at least in the divine. That said I do appreciate honest expressions of faith. I see them in the actions of loved ones and hear it in some of the beautiful music I listen to (this post was inspired by my rediscovering Arrested Development’s Tennessee.)

When people open themselves up to faith, without judgement, and with humility, it can be a beautiful thing. I find myself moved by the love that so many of the faithful show toward not just their fellow believers, but towards their neighbors, other creatures and all of creation. Their faith moves them to wonderful acts of charity, and to work to make the world a better place. Smug as I can sometimes be about the horrors that some of the so-called faithful inflict on themselves, their families, and their communities, most of my fellow boots-to-the-ground activists that I have known have been believers of one kind of another. My fellow skeptics may be just as charitable in their hearts, but in deed they often leave the grunt work to the faithful.

When you get to be around that kind of love it can be inspiring. I may never feel faith in the divine, in fact in this point in my life I can confidently say that with almost 100% certainty, but the people who have real faith in it often restore my faith in humanity. These people do not view God as a djinn handing out wishes, or stern principal dolling out punishment to those who disagree with them, but as a loving parent who watches his children as they grow and learn to be a family of man, hoping for the best for them, worried, patient, understanding and ready to accept them no matter how they stumble. The best of these folks love all of their fellow children of God and cannot accept that Divine Parent would forsake any of her children, even if they forsake her. They accept that God has made them brothers and sisters who are different and that just adds to the beauty of creation.

I know that so many religious folk do not fit the description above. I will not speculate on their numbers, as discovering that requires more research than my resources allow. I do know that the rest of us, skeptics and believers alike, allow them to control the dialogue. We don’t have to do that though. We can control it without taking their voices away. Skeptics and true believers alike can build bridges to each other, each understanding that we will never bring the other to our view of the Divine, but accepting that we have far more in common than not, not the least of which is a strong desire to make the world a saner, kinder, more loving place. The goal is well worth the effort and we may even find a few fringe benefits, like expanding our circles of love, in the process.


What do you think?

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