Friday Nite Poetry: What Fate?

English: Cropped version of :Image:Domino effe...

English: Cropped version of :Image:Domino effect.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am not certain my explanation of the name of this blog suffices in my About page. I explain adequately who Ananke is, but my, or more importantly all of our relationships to fate kind of gets lost. I have in the past used Kyle Reese’s quote from The Terminator to explain it, but that does not quite work because it almost comes of Ayn Randian (and if you haven’t figured out that I am anything but that by now, you haven’t been paying attention.) When I say we control our own fate, I mean collectively. We influence the outcomes for ourselves and each other, and those of us with less power have a responsibility, again to ourselves and each other, to band together to make our fate better. To that end I have written this weeks poem, which I originally shared on my Tumblr earlier this week.

Mediocre Marionettes

We are all Pinocchio:
desperately wanting to be real boys and girls,
yet so afraid to cut away those strings,
never realizing they aren’t really there to begin with.

We watch the Maestro and take his cues.
We dance when he says.
We hop when he tugs away.
We smile wide, hoping we gain his approval.

Every day everyone claims to want to be him.
Climbing ladders and grasping for more
all the little puppets tumble over each other
eager to kick the feet from under their peers.

And we never see those strings,
the real ones wrapped around our own fingers.
If we do we throw them to the ground
afraid of the weight of claiming responsibility for our destinies.


What do you think?

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