500 And Counting

Confetti, Times Square

Confetti, Times Square (Photo credit: StuartMoreton)


Alright, so I am not exactly Single Dad Laughing, but Hand of Ananke is growing and it is thanks to all of you. I want to continue to grow and to offer you all the best creative writing and social justice essays I can. I would like to bring those to as many folks as possible. I know it can only get better from here and I would love for you all to be a part of that. 

That is why I am putting together a new fundraiser. I know I can make Hand of Ananke something that all lovers of art and justice will enjoy if I can put more time into. To do that, however, I need to be able to support myself with it. I know I can improve on what has been done here if I can put more energy into it. So here is what I am offering:

$10 Supporters will receive a pdf of my chapbook: The Delicate Art of Saying Yes.
$20 Supporters will receive that and a signed copy of Ego Codex.
$35 Supporters will also get a signed copy of Drawing Lines.
$70 Contributors will be sent all that and a signed copy of Candids, my upcoming book of flash fiction, when it is complete.
Finally, folks that become $120 members of Hand of Ananke will get all that, and will be listed as Supporters on my page, with a link to your business/blog.

When you send your contribution via the PayPal button on the right I will e-mail you the pdf and a request for the address you want your books sent. I know we can make this blog something special together, and look forward to what we can do.

Pax et Amor;







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