Friday Nite Poetry: Dusting Them Off For 9/6/13

club 69.

club 69. (Photo credit: matt.hintsa)

Hello gentle readers. Hey, I think this is going to make the first time with consecutive FNP’s in a long time! I will try not to pat myself on the back too hard. Especially since I don’t have anything new, just new to you. Keeping it light and fun this week with a couple of my old favorites. I never published Post Ritual anywhere but Facebook and Teleology of the Smart Ass appears in Ego Codex. I hope you enjoy them both.

Teleology of the Smart Ass

Call me Coyote
Call me Loki
I dance, jest, laugh
And point at flaws
Of humanity.

I am named Puck
And sometimes Yaw
I make you see
The you I saw.

Maybe I’m Renart
Or Anansi
I mock with love
Not with mercy.

Maybe Legba
Perhaps Eshu
Your ignorance
I steal from you.

You like me not
And I don’t care
So long as you
Learn to beware.

I will wake you
Or die trying
I’ll make you laugh
And fall crying.

And in your tears
You find yourself
The you, you put
Upon the shelf.

Post Ritual

Zero and one
And one and zero
Dancing too fast
To electronic hero
Moving to the beat
And swaying to the light
Keep the bodies moving
And you’ll feel alright
Casting your lot
And rolling the dice
Working the crowd
And feeling so nice
Soft curvy girls
And hard bodied boys
Like to check each other
Like to make that noise
I don’t really care
Because I’m feeling okay
I just hope I make it
To see Sunday



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