No More Blaming Luck

George dollar

George dollar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone is here. The entire village has shown up for the game, so many people that the new bleachers they built with that extra half million in federal funds is not enough so people crowd around the track where they can. All eyes are on Teddy as he walks to the middle of the field for the coin toss. This is what he has trained for since the first day of Vince Lombardi football all those years ago, and tonight is his night to shine.

He didn’t want it to happen quite like this. Brandon is his friend, even if right now he does not realize it. This is the game that will put them in the championship or end both of their high school careers, and with all the local TV stations watching, it could get the winning quarterback into a Division One school. It should be Brandon out here, but he was the one that had to punch that stupid, little stoner right in the mouth in front of a teacher. So of course they had to suspend him, which put Teddy in the limelight.

He feels bad, just a little, but he also knows he is the better player to begin with. Brandon is good, but being the coach’s son was what got him the number one spot, even though Teddy deserved it, and they both know it. At least that is what Teddy tells himself. What their friends tell him now, what his dad has been grumbling about the last three years. He has had few chances to show what he has, and every time he has come through, only to have it dismissed as “garbage time” touchdowns.

Well he is better than that and he will win tonight. No one will be able to deny his talent after this game and he will be able to go to Ohio State, USC, or at least the University of Montana. His dreams can come true and he won’t be denied them anymore just because he wasn’t lucky enough to have a coach for a dad. He gets to the middle of the field, everyone watching. The ref asks for the call, and Teddy says tails. It comes up heads.


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