Friday Nite Poetry: We’re Still Doing This, Right?

English: Barbie Portrait

English: Barbie Portrait (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Yikes! So, it’s been some little bit since I have done Friday Nite Poetry. I have to get my self organized and motivated and write like a fiend when I have the time so I just have this ready to go for you before Friday rolls around.

Today I have two new and weird ones for you, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them:

Playing With Ourselves

She bolted out of there
while GI Joe and Ken
fought over her.

Barbie in her pink Corvette
running off with skipper
into the sunset.

These girls are ready for it all
even if they may stumble
even if they fall.

Just step right up again
try it all over
don’t wait on the men.

Leave them alone in the dust
to figure out
how they lost your trust.

Leave them together to find their part
and maybe they can mend
each other’s heart.

No Blueprint


We can’t always know
where our thoughts will lead us
if they’ll betray our needs
in favor of our wants
or maybe just wander
aimlessly through all the possibilities


I know this better than most
my head is always a bit lopsided
and feelings
tumbling out my ears
on to the floor
and I am such a slob
I rarely bother to clean them up

Still leaving them serves
it lets them pile high
and occasionally it is easy
to just reach down
and pop a forgotten idea
a lost dream
a past love
or unrealized plan
into place
and see what it does to the cogs




What do you think?

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