All That Fuss and Bother

homophobia is a choice

homophobia is a choice (Photo credit: SarahDeer)


This past week saw a pretty remarkable breakthrough in the LGBT world. Some may want to play it down but Jason Collins’ coming out is a huge deal. Pro sports in general, and in particular the big three team sports in America, have long been an important pillar in the heterosexist narrative. Excelling at sports has been, for a very long time, the proof that you are a manly man, and failure at sports is still often derides as being effeminate or “gay.” Mr. Collins boldly coming out of the closet while he is still playing will do a lot to tear down this horribly destructive culture and help build a new one, where people’s basic human dignity is respected.

There has been an amazing outpouring of support of his decision across pro sports, something that will also go a long way toward helping us develop further as a society. Unfortunately we have also seen many heterosexists go on the attack. We have watched as people who have not made a point of throwing their hat into this particular ring in the past howl to the sky (or airwaves) that this is a sign of America’s moral decay. They complain that it is going to send the “awful” message that it is OK to be gay (you know, so gay teens don’t kill themselves.) They bemoan the loss of the America they love, and level invective at anyone who dares to support Mr. Collins in his coming out.

I say “unfortunately” but really, other than the fact that such bigotry still exists, their complaints are refreshing in their vigor. You see, I take from all this that these high minded “moralists” see the writing on the wall. People who were content to let only the worst of the worst throw their hate on their behalf are weighing in, and loudly. They see that their sick, sad, view of the world is becoming obsolete. They are flailing like a beast at bay, knowing their time is coming, knowing our time is coming, and knowing they no longer get to control other people’s lives and happiness.

They will actually have to do some reflection on whether or not they are truly moral and decent people, and that scares the heck out of them. They can, of course, if they wish, sit back in their homes and associate with only like-minded people, but if they want to have a seat at the table of civilized adults, they are going to have to check themselves, and for so many of them, that is too much to bear. Their privileged place in society is coming to an end, and they cannot have it. Fortunately, all they know is bullying. Neither reason nor true morality are on their side and the only skill they can bring to their “defense” is being obnoxious and loud. So I want to thank them, for doing us all the favor of sounding the trumpet that heralds the demise of their “superiority.” It doesn’t mean we still don’t have work to do, but it does mean we’ve come an awful long way.





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