Uncle Vince Comes Home

English: A picnic assembles in Columbus, Ohio.

English: A picnic assembles in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Henry is happy today. It usually is not the case when mommy and daddy bring him to the big picnics. His cousins are different from him, or more important, he is different from them. The boys like to squish and break the bugs they find and Henry just likes to watch them do their thing. He even knows most of their names, even though he is only eight years old, and can tell the difference between bugs that look a lot a like. He likes bugs, and likes reading about them. He does that a lot because Uncle Vince buys him books filled with all sorts of fun things to learn about bugs, and fish, and birds. He takes Henry to the museum where he works and teaches him anything Henry will learn.

That is why Henry is happy. Uncle Vince came to this picnic. He usually doesn’t. He came today though, and they talk about all the bugs in the big back yard. Henry asks him why Uncle Frank isn’t here and Uncle Vince just tells him he was busy. Uncle Vince is lying, Henry can tell. Grown ups think kids can never tell, but they always can. Just like he can tell mommy and Aunt Vivian are angry with each other. He isn’t used to seeing Uncle Vince like this. Whenever they go to visit him he and Uncle Frank are always happy and they and mommy and daddy laugh all night long.

Something is different today. Uncle Vince is happy, but a little sad too, and Henry just wants to make him happy, so he keeps showing him all the things he has discovered this summer in the yard. He hears some of his cousins call Uncle Vince words mommy has told him are bad words. They don’t say it loud, just enough to be heard. Daddy scowls at them and they walk away, muttering words Henry doesn’t understand and daddy looks at them the way he looks at the rude lady who always gets their order wrong at Burger Boy.

Henry just want to make it all better. So he does what he knows makes Uncle Vince happy. He shows him how much he has learned, and makes sure and uses all the big words right. Uncle Vince smiles and Henry knows everything will be alright.



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