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Tip Jar (Photo credit: EagerEyes)

Hello folks. I have been mostly offline for a week now due to hardware problems. I will begin blogging in earnest later this evening including a new installment of Friday Nite Poetry. The main purpose of this post, however is to let folks know about the fundraiser I have been talking on and off about for the past month.

In order to expand this blog, its readership, content, and community involvement I have put together a very simple fundraiser. Anyone contributing five dollars to this blog will receive a pdf of my chapbook The Delicate Art of Saying Yes. Those who help with 15 dollars will get that and a signed copy of either Drawing Lines or Ego CodexGive 30 dollars or more and you I will send you all three.

You can do all this by clicking on the donate button on the right. I will get an e-mail from Paypal and can send you your free pdf and inquire where you want your hardcopies mailed to. Also, don’t forget, if you like what you read, there are all these wonderful buttons below to let your friend on Facebook, G+, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest know, as well as upvoting the posts you like on Reddit. Thanks for your time and your loyal reading, and here’s to a hopefully growing experience for us all.


2 thoughts on “What’s The Buzz?

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