Revolutionary Chic

Les Miserable Performance

Les Miserable Performance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Our society has many flaws. The idea of justice has been turned into a joke by people who enjoy the protection of those they laugh at. There is so very much work to do that sometimes it seems an impossible task. The Augean Stables are filled to overflowing and there is no river with which to clean them to divert. It is beginning to stink to high heaven and it is made so much worse when those who say they want to shovel it out are shoveling it in.

I am usually first in line to point out our elected officials shortcomings, or the fact that they are essentially powerless in the face of corporate greed that fuels our political machine. We have been betrayed and let down and have every right to be angry. We have every right to march in the streets. We have every right, no, a dire responsibility, to organize so that we can finally topple a system that has been made to serve a few hundred while we are told it is made to serve all three hundred million of us. We have been cheated and robbed, and duped into turning on each other. Outrage is the appropriate response to this.

This does not mean, however, that my view of our system is so bleak that I believe we should engage in the most extreme of actions. A friend of mine, another social justice warrior, told me of a conversation she had with two young people who referred to our President’s term as a “reign of terror.” I have much I disagree with in the policies of Barrack Obama. The things I agree with do not mitigate the very wrong actions he has perpetrated or continued. That said, we are not living under a tyrant. This is true whether you are some young, radical leftist, or a Tea Partier afraid he is going to take your guns.

It clearly beyond their cognitive talents that if he truly were a tyrant, they would be rounded up just for saying he is. That is not happening. Yes mayors have been abusing their power to intimidate protesters, but these people have not been disappearing, and often end up right back out in the fight, for which I am grateful. To say we live in a dictatorship is an insult to those that do, or have. I wonder what my grandmother, who grew up in Nazi Germany, would say to those who have such a low bar for determining tyranny.

Some of the people who do this are just naive. Some love violence for its own sake and want to throw Molotov cocktails at cops. Some just like to think they are smarter than the rest of us.I suspect too many of them see themselves as revolutionary leaders and want to get in on the ground floor of the uprising they see as coming. Too many of those are relatively privileged white brats that don’t know just how bad things can get in this country. Oh, they understand things in the abstract, but they believe because they have chosen to go homeless a few times, with a back up plan well established, that they have any idea what it is like to be deprived. They have little understanding what it means to have no choices in life.

They are selfish, childish, and potentially dangerous, not in any way that requires scrutiny from our government, but in a way that requires scrutiny from the rest of us, should a revolution ever really become necessary. They are our future Robespierres, which makes their assertions a little ironic, and very sad. I will continue to be as hard on them as I am on the power elite, until they learn that revolution is not a fashion, but an occasional necessity.






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