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Democrats & Republicans

Democrats & Republicans (Photo credit:

I do not know whether to be angry with the average American voter because they are so thick and I have to keep writing about the same stuff, or if I should thank them, because at least they are giving me something to write about. They show me again, and again, and again that they cannot help but wrap themselves in their party affiliations, treating them like a once beloved movie star whose films have been increasingly banal, but geez you just love them and have to see what they are going to do next, even though it is going to be more of the same garbage.

I really want to hear what Democrats have to say for themselves at this point. What excuse can they have for us now that we know their golden child has offered up the chained CPI as a “solution” to our Social Security problems. You know, the problems that would not have existed had we not borrowed against the trust to pay for two wars, that could easily be solved by raising the cap on Social Security another one hundred thousand dollars, or eliminating it entirely. No, better to throw the burden all on the most vulnerable members of our society. Let the old, infirm, and veterans get by on a static Consumer Price Index which will almost certainly be set at the low-end of the scale to make sure it is almost always a  smaller number than what the CPI actually is.

The single most frustrating thing about this is so many Democrats do not see past the window dressing on this. The President, and other Dems, say all Americans deserve to be safe from abject poverty, but turn around and agree to “small” cuts to “entitlements” instead of say, cutting the F-35 program which is so far a big failure and will cost more than all those entitlements combined over the next ten years. They tell us women should be treated equally, but offer no legislation to help make that happen, and indeed the HHS Secretary, a woman, has made reproductive choice harder for other, poorer, women. They tell us they believe in civil liberties, but we have a Democratic AG who is evasive about extra judicial murder, oh, and we still have a prison at the end of Cuba that violates so many of the principles our country was founded on. They say they want to hold big business accountable, but then hire people who helped those businesses avoid accountability to do so.

I have some news that really shouldn’t be news for the real progressives in this country. The Democrats are not our party anymore. They haven’t been since Reagan beat Mondale. Since that happened they have been working like mad to take a piece of that big money base from the Republicans (and that is assuming the bickering back and forth is legitimate and not just a dog and pony show for our benefit.) They have abandoned you and it is time to abandon them. There are so many other parties to take up the banner for. There are several socialist parties, small but eager, throughout our country. There is the Green Party, who for all their political naiveté and poor strategy, are easily the strongest voice for real change. There is the Working Families Party, less progressive perhaps than the Greens, but still more so than the Dems and very effective at what they do (which is get real progressives in office.)

The two mainstream parties are big steaming piles of you-know-what. If you are a progressive perhaps the Dems are a pile with sugary sprinkles on top to make them more palatable. After all, more of them sailed with the winds of our culture’s change when it came to the treatment of us in the LGBT community. They mouth the party line about choice with fingers crossed behind their back, just in case they have to back away from a fight about it to keep in a race. They talk about racial justice, meanwhile backing policies that disproportionately affect our black brothers and sisters (prohibition anyone?)

Progressives, you are not invited to the Democratic Party anymore, except maybe when it has to show off its liberal cred. Maybe it’s time you invited yourself to a new party, any of those mentioned above. One with better food and drink and not just a really cool light show. Go to a party with substance, where you can actually dance on the floor, instead of being shoved into the corner like some wallflower. Invite yourself to work for the ideas you believe in, rather than trusting a bunch of somewhat less stinky fat cats tell you they are working for you. Invite yourself to being part of the solution, instead of an apologist for a big part of the problem.


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