Lazy Holiday Weekends


relax (Photo credit: twicepix)

Happy Easter, gentle readers! I missed posting yesterday. I kind of wish I had not, but I also will not beat myself up over it. I had a productive week both on this blog and at work, so I deserved to give myself a day to do nothing in particular. Netflix, Spotify and Masters of Orion III  dominated my day and I am not the least bit ashamed. I hope most of you treated yourself to the some of the same.

I hope you did so because once in a while we all need it. We live in a culture that worships “busy.” If you are not being productive, every chance you have the opportunity, you are breaking the rules. You should be baking for the family, mowing the lawn, doing chores, and lining yourself up with a half-dozen or more projects. The kids all need to be in sports, art clubs, and have play dates scheduled.

These are all good things. We need to keep up with our chores, and activities keep our minds strong. The kids need to develop good habits. One of those habits they need to develop though, despite so many generations of saying this comes natural to them, is the habit of doing nothing in particular. It is OK, even necessary to kick back and just take an hour or two every week just engaging in whatever relaxes us. It can be shooting hoops in the drive way or park. It can be reading a book, vegging out watching TV, doodling in our favorite sketch book, or even just laying in a hammock enjoying the sun and the breeze.

That’s why I may or may not post more than this today. I have not given myself any unplugging time. I have had plenty of free time until this week, but it has been full of worry, searching, scraping, and, of course, chores. So I gave myself Easter Weekend. No work on Saturday, and only as much as I want today. It has recharged my batteries, cooled off my engine, and generally made me ready for the next bout of what is to come. I hope you take the time to provide yourself the same maintenance.


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