Picking Up Speed On That Long Road

The United States Supreme Court.

The United States Supreme Court. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For good and for ill the Supreme Court of the United States has been one of the most important motivators of social change in our country. Some of the good has come in tiny doses, some in grand, ground sweeping decisions such as Brown vs. The Board of Education. Some of the ill has come by way of social cowardice and an unwillingness to change the status quo, like Dred Scott. Some of it has come from shallow, foolish interpretation of our Constitution, granting personhood to pieces of paper. Today and tomorrow they begin hearing arguments in what may be the two most important cases of our generation.

Whatever one thinks of it, and there are plenty of people in favor of marriage equality who believe too much has been made of it, these cases will affect hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives. I am glad the Court is finally hearing these cases and I am confident that they will do the right thing. Four of the Justices are already clearly on the side of equality and two others have hinted by their past actions that they may very well come down in favor of it, at least from a legal stand point.

Will this fix all the problems facing the gay community in this country? No, of course not, just as Brown did not fix our racial divide in this country. In fact I see the rampant heterosexists of our country becoming more active and more vile in their statements, just as the white supremacists did in the period immediately after that landmark case. In some ways it will be harder for a while to be queer in this country once this happens, at least in the more conservative communities.

It is still, however, very important. It will be taking those first big steps toward full equality. For too long the LGBT community has been in that “separate but equal” column. In most of this country we are still denied one of the most fundamental rights, the right to choose our family. It is not the only fight ahead of us, but it is a big hurdle, our biggest yet. It will set us on a road toward greater acceptance. It may not be over yet, if these decisions go our way, one just has to look at how very far there is yet to go in race relations in this country, but it means we are headed in the right direction. That is something worth celebrating.




5 thoughts on “Picking Up Speed On That Long Road

    • Well, as I mention,there is good reason to believe that Scalia, Thomas and Alito will be in the minority. The odds are in our favor here. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed… for the next three months when their decision finally comes down. 😀

        • Well, I think what he want his legacy to be is irrelevant here, he has so far shown a sort of cold jurisprudence that lends one to believe that DOMA is definitely going down and that there are good odds for Prop 8 going down.
          Prop 8 actually has been overturned, twice, by lower courts, so even with a completely conservative court odds were even of those decisions standing. With Roberts, and his style of jurisprudence, at the helm, that almost guarantees that at the least Prop 8 is going bye-bye. It may or may not have any influence on the other states though.

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