Waiting For It

Spring Courier

Spring Courier (Photo credit: Lutz-R. Frank)

I have always preferred the Spring to every other season. I can deal with Summer’s heat, even when it gets bad. In Autumn the world gets ready for a long slumber, but still the leaves are pretty. If we get a healthy amount of snow and it’s not too terribly cold, Winter is OK. Spring, though is my time. I like how it comes in phases. First the slightly warmer weather and then the buds on the trees. Snow becomes rain and before you know it, it’s grilling season.

Part of it stems from the fact that I’ve always loved running water. I just find it soothing. I love watching raging rivers and babbling brooks. Even a gurgling gutter is, for some reason, pleasing to the eyes and ears for me. For a fire sign, I sure love me some water. I like growth, which stems, in the living world, from water. Everything is coming alive and slowly those winter blahs are shaken off.

There are a few down sides. It comes with loud drunks deciding it is warm enough to walk through your neighborhood rather than just stay put in their bar. Spring cleaning can be therapeutic but it is a lot of work. Also, it is the beginning of sports’ slow season (sorry baseball fans.) Let us not forget the silly temptation to engage in indoor activities outdoors. (“Dang it! There goes my ultra rare, legendary land!”)

Still, it is the best time to go for long walks. Everyone is less grumpy. Just going to the store is not an epic quest (“don’t mind me, I’m just dumping all the snow from my driveway into the sidewalk.”)  If you work outside your life definitely is less terrible when spring comes along. Parking is easier (really, try parking on Main St. in Buffalo in the winter) and even just getting into a vehicle is no longer a challenge (“I shall name this snow bank Mt. Broken Ankle.”) Oh, and the boys and girls are less dressed. That is always a bonus… well… mostly.

So let us thank God, The Goddess, Flying Spaghetti Monster, or just, you know, the Earth’s revolution and tilt of its axis, for the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring. I know it could not come early enough for me.


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