Friday Night Poetry: Quanta

English: A simulated view of the entire observ...

English: A simulated view of the entire observable universe, approximately 93 billion light years (or 28 billion parsecs) in diameter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The universe is both more immense and tinier than we imagine. As minute as we know atoms to be, within them are particles that are is small to them as they much smaller still. On the other end of the scale is the known universe itself, a place so large that light takes billions of years to reach from one end to the next. That is why this week I bring you two new poems about my meditations on those worlds.

I also want to take the time to make a request and an offer. I have stated in the past how I would like this blog to grow. I want to be able to bring more to you, my readers, and to be able to do so full-time. To that end I want to start a bit of a fundraiser. I will remind you about it each Friday night in this feature.

The reason I am choosing Friday nights for this appeal is the nature of what I offer in return for your generosity. Anyone contributing 5 dollars or more to this blog will receive a free pdf of my chapbook “The Delicate Art of Saying Yes.” Those contributing 10 dollars or more will receive that, and a signed hard copy of whichever of my two full books of poetry “Ego Codex,” and “Drawing Lines.” Finally anyone contributing 20 dollars or more will receive all  three. You are, of course, welcome to help with more than 20 though I have no more to offer you now other than the growth of this blog to hopefully entertain and educate. That said, I will be finishing my third full book, “Million Year Echo” by the end of the summer, so I will be able to offer more then.

So there’s that. I hope you all consider helping. Now for some poetry for your reading pleasure.

Bound Within

Invisible chains
of attraction
stretch across
vast oceans of nothing
at the quantum scale,
binding us
to these impermanent forms,
tying us to entropy.

How long before they dissolve?
Do we have the time
to understand,
if any,
meaning they impart?

Or are we just?
Is being the meaning?
Each fragment of space-time
carved by Higg’s namesake
into a priceless gem.

Lounging With The Gods

Stand back
zoom in
see every detail
each wave
each wobbling spin
each vibrant display
across the void

and galaxies so fast
so far
creating a light show
new each night
if you have the eyes
old as time
if you have the imagination

Wait for it
do not delay
do not miss a moment
as the Earth turns her back on the Sun
just to find his sisters
winking back at her from afar


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