The Mowse that Rawrd

Single Dad Laughing is a Vampire!

Single Dad Laughing is a Vampire! (Photo credit: SingleDadLaughing)

With all apologies to those who, as I usually do, have a distaste for internet or lolspeak, and to Leonard Wibberly, especially considering I never read your book, but I had the urge to do something cutesy. I know, even when I am being light of heart that is not my normal MO, but there is just the same. It felt like a cure for the blues and it goes hand in hand with what, or more precisely who, I want to write about now.

Some of you may not of heard of Dan Pearce. This guy runs a blog called Single Dad Laughing. It is full of cutesy stuff. Dan is, and I hope he realizes what a compliment this is, the Mommy Blogger Who Happens To Be A Guy. He gained some fame a few years back with his post I’m Christian, Unless You’re GayHe got a lot of love for that, but he also took a lot of flack, but that’s not why I am writing about him.

Dan is a breath of fresh air in an internet community full of polemicists and pontificating praetorites. I have no quarrel with those types, usually I am one of them (at least I like me my soap box, I am not controversial for its own sake, at least I don’t think so.) He occasionally tackles serious issues, but mostly he just shares the daily trails and tribulations of being a single dad and whatever amuses him hoping that it all amuses us.

That’s why it makes me sad that so many people who comment on his blog decide to go on the attack. I have read some very nasty comments directed at him and for the life of me I don’t understand why. It’s okay to disagree, even strongly, but why go for the throat on someone who so clearly would never do the same to you? Hey if you want to troll me, go ahead, I can cut up rough myself, just don’t cry when I don’t go easy on you. That said, while he implores people to be civil, I have yet to see Dan retreat into self-pity about it. That’s why I gave this post the title I did.

He bares his soul for all to see, and sometime its a bit sad, but it is always touching and maybe it’s just a front, but he seems like a genuinely kind soul. We need more of that. We need more laughter and he usually provides that (which I suppose is a very good thing otherwise his blog would be very poorly named.) We all need to find that place, in real life or here on the wonderful world-wide web, where we can just let the silly in, otherwise we get too serious and if we get too serious we are asking for trouble.

So find yourself someone who does that for you. It doesn’t have to be Dan. The Bloggess is delightful bizarre and always makes me laugh. Maybe the wonderful young women at Everyone Is Gay can help you unwind with their laid back approach to an advice blog. Whatever you find, and it may be these blogs, or it may be another site, you should fine a place to forget the heavy stuff. Hey, I’m mostly a social justice warrior, that’s not going to change. Oh, I am adding more of my silly and sharing my creative writing now, but I guarantee you won’t go a week without my tilting at some windmill. In order to do so, though, I need to kick back and relax, and Dan helps me do that just fine. So thank you Dan (and Noah too) for the funny and keep up the good work.


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