Creative Writing: Seven More Days

a hospital room (Denmark, 2005)

a hospital room (Denmark, 2005) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been a long week and Liam is well past the point of not wanting to deal with it anymore, but the universe does not work like that and he knows it. Seven days of well wishers and sympathizers. Seven days of well-meaning family politicizing Craig’s condition. “Just imagine if this happened two years ago,” they tell him to show their support, as if that will bring his husband out of his coma.

He knows he should not be angry. The small army of people bringing food, giving him rides to the hospital, and just being there so he doesn’t have to sit in that gigantic house all alone are a blessing and he knows it. Still the mid-morning sun floods Craig’s hospital room and his sister’s family hover about smiling their awkward smiles he wishes they would just go away. He just wants to hold his love’s hand in peace and have what little private time they can in between the rush of nurses, orderlies, and physician’s assistants.

The day drags and he nods as a doctor comes in to explain what they already know, which is to say, they do not know anything. No one knows why Craig suddenly passed out at work. Blood work, CAT scans, and an endless list of other tests and all they know is he is not waking up. His sister writes all this down and for a moment Liam feels guilty for resenting her presence.

Tara and Teresa, his beautiful nieces, sit on his lap. Tara strokes his cheek, smiling up and him, and promises that Uncle Craig will be alright. He wants to believe so much. He tells her he does and just wanting to makes it happen just a little. The girls’ love is reciprocated and rewarded with a big hug before he sets them on the floor. It is almost time to go, so Liam stands up to kiss Craig’s forehead.

It has been a long week, and Liam knows next week will be longer still, but he knows, deep down, that they can cope. He knows Craig would carry this burden for him, so he must do the same. After all, they promised each other, their families, and their God that they would.



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