No Peeing On Their Trees

Pet my tummy please

Pet my tummy please (Photo credit: Jan & Peggy)

So, yeah, memes, they are going to be a consistent theme here. I have realized that there exists a very rich vein of pure fun and social dialogue to be had here and it doesn’t always have to be in the context of memes being ill-conceived or offensive. Sometimes, especially when they are not about a particularly controversial topic, they are absolutely brilliant, like this one:


Obviously this is cute, but it cuts to a semi-important issue that we are often too polite to speak about when it comes up in our homes. Oftentimes visitors in a house with pets will treat said four-legged friends like they are part of the furniture, or a decoration. Sometimes really bad visitors will think it is OK to play with the animal without checking with the hosts what Spot’s, or Tabby’s, boundaries are. I had an uncle tease our white lab who suffered from serious social anxiety issues and then was surprised when Cab went at him. Hello, we told you he didn’t like strangers.

This meme really hits the proverbial nail on its head. People who “own” pets choose to invest not just tangible resources, but usually emotional ones as well. Our pets are our family, and we often do care about them more than most of the people who do not live in the same house as us. Mess with my pets, and you’re messing with me.

When it comes right to it, you are coming into their home. They live there and have more standing with their pack (the family) than you do. You are at best a guest, and in all likelihood a tolerated intruder. So complaining about their energy levels, the fur they get all over, or whatever else with having an animal around comes with when you are coming into their territory is really very rude. I also find that some of the worst offenders of this behavior comes from those who would be most outraged at even the slightest negative comment about their pet. Hypocrisy and poor manners go hand in hand.

So the next time you are visiting a friend, remember you are not just their guest, but the guest of their furry family members as well, and remember to respect their rules and their needs, just as you would expect any guest to respect yours.


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