Bring in the Cheerleaders

English: Eric Holder speaking at a press confe...

English: Eric Holder speaking at a press conference on Guantanamo Bay detainees. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rand Paul is a racist, elitist, classist schmuck. He is also 100% right on the issue of Eric Holder‘s opinion on the right of the President to use pre-emptive lethal force against Americans on American soil. The idea that anyone could do an end run around our judicial system and kill Americans without trial is disgusting. It is, and has been of course, a reality for Americans of Color for a very long time, but that is an issue for another post.
Particularly galling through all of this is the ridiculous level of partisanship on the issue. Oh yes, I see more progressives calling out their chosen one than we ever saw conservatives calling out Dubya, but the fact that a majority either refuse to acknowledge the issue or even outright defend the AG’s stance is hypocrisy in the extreme. Had our previous President claimed this sort of authority the left would have been outraged, and rightfully so.
Mr. Holder went on to say that this authority could only be exercised in extreme cases, a dangerously nebulous definition. What extreme cases? An anonymous tip that Occupy or Idle No More protesters are going to stage a “riot?” This is exactly how I see this power being used. Or maybe a mosque with “connections” to an Islamist group (that’ll show them for sending food to children whose homes have been bombed.)
The fact of the matter is both parties are to blame and the general populace even claims to understand this. Yet when it comes time to call out their favorite team for its bad behavior they cry foul. They defend their champions right up to the point of their own oblivion. I hope I will always remain a small “d” democrat but watching how people treat the responsibility of being citizens in a democratic republic, I’m not sure anyone, regardless of class, color, or creed, has the right to it. It seems we would rather put on our “Obama” or “Ryan” (you didn’t think Romney was the real candidate last time around, did you) jerseys and their giant foam fingers and cheer about how great their party is, or was.
Democrats, right now the onus is on you when it comes to this issue. Your guy is in charge of law enforcement and security and he’s the one making claims to extrajudicial power. If you really believe in due process of the law, if you really believe in civil liberties, then you need to call your President out. This goes double for those of you who have actually said nothing. Feigning ignorance makes you a coward and a poor member of a democratic society. Republicans, you need to stop your cheer leading on fiscal issues and examine just what affect the sequester, which yes, according to the Constitution is on Congress’s head, is going to have on our economy. You also have to start calling out the hatemongers in your midst, otherwise, you are as complicit in your party’s platform of exclusion as its leaders are. I, and others, have said it before, and you’re making us say it again: politics is not a spectator sport.
Honestly, our democracy has been like this at least since I was born, maybe a bit longer. That doesn’t mean it has to be that way though. We all deserve better, but we don’t get better unless we demand it. Stop cheering and start jeering, both sides, or else we are just going to slide further into the police state both parties say they are afraid of when they aren’t holding the reins.


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