The Underwhelming Empathy Of The Average White Person

NSFW, TW: Gallons of Rage and Racial issues


Poverty (Photo credit: Teo’s photo)

I have had a hell of a morning looking over my Facebook newsfeed. It was so filled with a never-ending barrage of hate for those less fortunate, and fear that lifting them up will somehow hold others down, my body actually began to ache I was filling up with so much sorrow and rage. I was toying with the idea of naming this post “The Underwhelming Empathy Of The Average American” but let us be honest, we know where the blame belongs.
I can just hear the caterwauling now: “but I care!” First off, yeah, I know, there are white folks out there that care, I would like to believe I am one of them. If, however, your first reaction upon reading this is “don’t pick on me,” and not “yeah, fuck those people and their not caring asses,” then guess what? You are part of the problem, because you obviously care more about your hurt feelings than say a justice system that gets young black men to plead guilty to make things “easier” on them, or criminalizing poverty, or having to work two jobs just to keep ANY roof over your kids’ heads, or your neighborhoods running into the ground because landlords don’t want to pay for anything but what the law absolutely requires them to in order to keep a building “livable.”
But never mind the white whine and “but I’m not like that” crowd. No, I have particular bile to share with those that actively oppose any measure to make the lives of those less fortunate just a little better. Which brings me to what brought on this rant. The minimum wage has been stuck at seven dollars and twenty-five cents an hour for over six years now. It needs to be raised, and it needs to be tied to the cost of living, and fuck you and your “prices will rise” bullshit arguments, because prices have been rising since then and the people on the bottom have been the ones actually suffering for it (y’know, as opposed to having to give up a few luxuries.) They’ve had to work multiple jobs, or suffer the indignity of having to stand in line for food stamps despite working full-time.
I don’t know what is worse, your lack of empathy, or your sense of victimization because you’re not as rich as you’d like. Well these people would be happy just not to be destitute. They would be overjoyed to not be a few sick days from being actually homeless (as opposed to having to rely on the kindness of our relatively secure family members for help.) They have a chance to not be, thanks at least to the NYS Assembly, but you can’t bear that can you?
I wonder, is it because you are so afraid your beers, burgers, and lattes might go up fifteen cents? Or is it because deep down you really are that pathetic and cruel? You need someone to suffer. You need someone wallowing in shit despite their best efforts. That way you can look down and notice how high up you sit. In either case, you are selfish dick and can go fuck yourself.
I wrote yesterday about hopeWell, I hope you can get your head out of your ass. I hope you can stop being a selfish prick. I hope you can learn that someone else’s gain is not your loss (you know that bullshit you accuse poor people of all the time?) I hope you can start seeing the pain of others and actively seek to stop it. So far you have made me believe that hope is forlorn, but who knows, I’d be giddy beyond belief if you proved me wrong.


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