Dolph Lundgren is The Smartest Man in Hollywood

English: Dolph Lundgren at the 2010 Comic Con ...

English: Dolph Lundgren at the 2010 Comic Con in San Diego (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So if you read Cracked you probably already know that Dolph Lundgren started life as a big nerd. He is not just one of the meat-head, tough guys he has become so famous for playing in action flick after action flick. It should be no surprise to me that he is smart. I, however, did not realize just how smart he is though.
Now, to be perfectly honest, his big beef seems to be with the lack of machismo in action films and the lack of realism in thousands of bullets being fired and no one being hit. Had The Avengers been a little more realistic we would have seen a few dozen SHIELD agents and Loki’s minions dropping, at the very least. He does, however, make us want him to elaborate more.
Because violence in movies is a bit on the ridiculous side, at least in the PG-13 or “safer” movies. Sure R or NC-17 rated violence can be disturbing and over the top but I find the lack of realism in violence in other movies more disturbing. What sort of message does that send to a child that you can fire an automatic weapon into a crowd with no collateral damage? How does it skew a child’s perspective of violence when two men can beat each other silly and walk away with only their hair and clothes disheveled?
I for one want the little ones in my life to, if they watch violent movies at all, see what a bullet does to human flesh. I want them to see what someone looks like after a fist crashes down on them over and over again, so they know it is not pretty. It is one of the issues tackled in Kirby Dick’s This Film is Not Yet Rated (which also did a good job of tackling our hypocrisy about sexuality in film.)
I am not sure if Dolph really intended to tackle the subject on those grounds, but he opened the door for us. Others, like Dick, have in the past and we have failed to walk through. If we want to have real discussions with our kids about the effects of violence, if we really want to take a shot (pun intended) in dealing with gun violence in our country, we have to be more honest with ourselves, not so much about effect of violent media, but about our lack of conversation with each other and our young one’s about it. Yes it will make better movies for Dolph and his friends, but it will also make, I think, a saner culture for us.


2 thoughts on “Dolph Lundgren is The Smartest Man in Hollywood

  1. The hypocrisy in the film industry covers every subject, if you ask me, not just sexuality. I think European films have always dealt with violence, sex, and just life in general in a much more realistic way than American movies.

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