How Hulu and Netflix Ruined My Childhood

Title card from The Godzilla Power Hour

Title card from The Godzilla Power Hour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ahhhh nostalgia! That heady perfume made of imagination and memory that we like to spritz ourselves with especially as we get older. Who does not occasionally feel the urge to give in and put a little bit of it on? Things were so much better when we were kids, weren’t they? Why, I know what I will do. I will get on Netflix, and watch that Godzilla cartoon I loved so much as a kid.
There we go, just let it load up. Huh, that theme song sure is corny. Did I actually like Godzookie when I was a kid. What? Just wait, what? What’s going on here? Who actually watched this? This can’t be the same show! It’s awful! That woman is a scientist? Why the hell are they bringing a kid to all these dangerous locales? What parent would let their child go on adventures with their obviously irresponsible aunt? What parent would let their kid watch this?
Maybe it’s just Godzilla, though. Surely the Superfriends won’t disappoint. I mean, it’s Superman, and Batman, and Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Robin and the rest. I can just relax now. Get a bit of that back and… and… ohmygod! It’s this show too! It’s insipid. Was I this simple as a kid? I couldn’t have been! I was always “the smart kid.” I couldn’t have gotten into this garbage!
Seriously though, folks, we get to missing our childhood so much that we forget how simpler we were at the time. We didn’t see the complexities of the universe and were satisfied not knowing. That’s OK, we were kids. It’s easier to keep it simple for kids. We get older, wiser, see what the world is made of, all of a sudden, that simple stuff isn’t fun anymore, nor should it be.
I may still go to Hulu or Netflix to remind myself of that, or to have a laugh at just how cheesy it all was (and for the ultimate in that, check out Voltron.) If I ever do get my nostalgia on, I will just find an old Atari 2600 somewhere and play Pong.


4 thoughts on “How Hulu and Netflix Ruined My Childhood

  1. This article so resonated with my own sense of nostalgia and movies from my youth that I have rented on the Netflix. Sadly, one of the movies was Love at First Bite. The nostalgia wore thin quite fast. I had not realized how racist and sexist the movie was when I was a young kid watching it. Now I can never watch it again.

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