Friday Nite Poetry: Getting My Hippy Nerd On

Hippie bug!

Hippie bug! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Feeling kind of hippy dippyish and nerdy this week folks. Tonight’s poetry is not exclusive, it appeared first on my Tumblr, but I know you will appreciate it all the same. Just a reminder, if you reblog any Friday Nite Poetry post I will send you a link to a pdf of my chapbook, The Delicate Art of Saying Yes.
One final note before the poetry: please let me know in the comments if there are any subjects you would like me to write about, either in a poem, or as an essay. I value your input and cannot do this without you folks.

Pax et Amor;

Sapiophile Me

She sits across the room
elbow deep in her studies
barely aware of my presence
occasionally smiling up at me
as I pretend to write

Can she read my mind
with that brilliant mind of hers
can she take all the data
use them to understand me
to map her way to me
does she even want to

Decorated in letters
adorned with accomplishment
complex conversations
her impeccable cosmetic
so in her light
I feel foolish
and vulnerable
yet somehow
still an invincible genius
all at once

How does she do that
is it by design
or am I seeing patterns
where I want to
like I have
so many times before


Beyond the Margins

How many moments
have bled out from
the edges of the timeline
too narrow to hold
more than a few events
for every year that passes

How many births
have gone unnoticed
How many joyous unions
have been forgotten
in favor of battles
and massacres

How many billions
have lived their lives
in hope
in worry
wishing only one more day
so that generals
and madmen
could have their place
on a white  board
behind a professor

These lives are brick
these moments mortar
providing the foundation
for crumbling monuments
to humanity’s foolish glory


Always Changing Channels

I am a thought
an urge
an incomplete idea
lost in that pristine condition
of never fully forming
always growing
always changing
always finding
a new way to view
an equally inconsistent universe

I will not settle
will not give in
nor give up
nor remain
in one orbit
for very long

The worlds are mine
to explore
and move
my endless coterie
of fellow travellers

Ride with me
just for a while
work with me
just for a day
and sing
with me
even when we are apart
and give praise
to the cosmic harmony


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