Friday Nite Poetry: More Random Verse


Westward (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being fairly happy with how last week turned out I thought I would attempt another post of off the top of my head poems. If any of my wonderful readers would like me to do a poem on a particular topic, please let me know in the comments.

Manifest Destiny

I read in the books
the promise made to me
by a proud and loved man
unfazed by the blood on his hands
unfettered by the dictates of his conscience
unimpeded by the weight of his own words
or what they could mean

This land is my land
given up and given over
by those too weak or naive
to hold on to it
and I refuse to believe
I don’t deserve
every fertile acre
every mile of river
every ton of ore
laying on her breast

Don’t look on me
with your accusing eyes
crying your forced tears
you’d have done the same as me
your ancestors are innocent by accident only
I am sure of it
I need to be
it’s the only way
I can fit my morality
in with my history
and still cling to my destiny


There are places
not far from home
quiet and shaded
shielded from the noise
from the hurry
from the worry
from the vulgar
violent lights of our age

You only have
to step out your door
walk a little ways
and you can find them
right around the corner
across the street
across the canal
across our little
villages and neighborhoods

Nature sneaks in
sometimes with our help
and sometimes on her own
giving us sanctuary
and the peace
that with leaf covered trees
with singing birds
with a gentle breeze
and most important
time with our own thoughts

Scratching an Itch

We are fleas on her back
sucking her blood
scraping her skin
taking and taking
until we can take no more

Then we wonder
why she shakes us off
why she burns us
why she blows us away
why she chokes us
with our own poison

She has been so patient
for so many years
letting us mar her beauty
letting us kill our cousins
letting us hurt ourselves
she has been so patient
and we mistake it
for approval

There you go folks. Just as last week, and every week hereafter, reblog this, or any Friday Nite Poetry post, and I will send you a link to a pdf of my chapbook The Delicate Art of Saying Yes. You can also go to my Facebook page for Hand of Ananke and share one of the posts I make there instead if you like. Have a fun weekend, see you next week!


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