And What Will It Bring

Midnight fireworks, 1/1/2013 (1)

Midnight fireworks, 1/1/2013 (1) (Photo credit: Adriano_of_Adelaide)

Another 360 degree journey around the Sun has been completed. Really the date it arbitrary. We are going round in a circle so we can pick any day for it, but January 1st is when our calendar begins, so we might as well use that one. It is a good day for looking both ahead and behind and we promise ourselves on this date that we will do better in the next 365 five days than we did in the previous. Some of us even mean it.
Excuse me if I sound a little morose, I am not really. I just like to keep a little perspective because we all, myself included, tend to go a little overboard on this day and what it means. We make our resolutions, setting ourselves up for disappointment and then we spend at least the next several months beating ourselves up for not keeping them and then a few more justifying it. The last few years I have attempted to not set specific goals. I read somewhere that this is better psychologically for us, and I tend to agree. So this is what I want to shoot for this year.

  1. I want to continue to improve my health. My weight yo-yoed as it always does but this year by the low and high ends were lower than they had ever been, I want to continue that trend.
  2. I want to continue to fight the good fight. This year started rough, being unemployed but I finally found my niche working for what I know to be right. I want to work my way up in whatever organization(s) I work for and do everything I can to make the world a kinder, saner, safer place.
  3. I want to chase my dreams. I have improved on that the last few years. I have finally achieved some small recognition as an artist and I want to build on that.
  4. I want to reciprocate all the love that has been sent my way. I have been fortunate in my family and friends while I have always talked the talk, I have not been able to walk the walk in returning that kindness. I know they understand my means have been limited, but I can do better.

That’s not too much. It is not too vague and not too specific and overall I think very manageable. If nothing else it will be fun to work towards all those goals. What plans do you all have for this coming trip around the sun?


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