Friday Nite Poetry: Twas the Weekend Before


#christmas (Photo credit: Isselmuden)

Hello Gentle readers! Merry Christmas, Blessed Solstice, Happy Yule and whatever other tradition or traditions you celebrate. Today, of course was the Winter Solstice and Tuesday is Christmas, so I am dedicating this week’s poetry to the Holidays. The first is a somber piece, reminding us that there are those out there that do not to enjoy this time as we do. The second is a celebration of the fact that so many of these traditions have more in common than we are often allowed to reflect on. Finally the last is for my mom, who did this time of year better than anyone. Joyeux Noel mes amis!

What of Them

The lost and lonely
the broken and hungry
the left in the cold
the child with no family

Those in the dark
those in the lines
those still waiting
for better times

Those without work
or even a place
those who have lost
the unwinnable race

Where is their hope
this time of year
when we all revel
in love and cheer

A token gift
the best we can do
to give ourselves
our pity for you

We can do better
we can and must
and maybe this year
we’ll mend our trust

Maybe this year
the gifts will last
maybe this year
we’ll learn from our past

Maybe this year
we’ll remember
that all we really have
is one and each other



We steal from one another’s scripts
we borrow from our neighbor’s rite
we share more than we care to admit
in our desperate search for the light

A song of hope to fill the air
a tree that fights winter’s endless cold
sharing food and drink and baubles and mirth
these practices passed down to young from old

You are not so very different
though you find it hard to confess
you all reach out for a little warmth
to fear the coming dark a little less

Still I have faith that you will learn to share
I have faith that your bickering will cease
I have faith that this season
some day truly will be one of peace


Patty’s Best Time

Cookies and breads
and other treats
all piled across
the dining room table
Made every night
and every day
eaten as fast
as we were able

Perry Como crooning
across our house
joined by Bing
and of course Mitch Miller
We sang along
to them all
and most of all
to John Denver

Our hodge-podge tree
never stylish
or trendy
but the warm chaos we loved
Ornaments dear
and candy canes
and for the chance
to spread tinsel we shoved

You made this time
you cherished it so
and did your best
to make it a delight
and now we do
our very best
to keep your holiday spirit


What do you think?

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