Friday Nite Poetry: Mourning Edition

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Heiwa elementary school %u5E73%u548C%u5C0F%u5B66%u6821 _18 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sorry folks, I only have one for you this week. I could have written more, or scrounged up more, but all things considered, I think just this one is appropriate today.

Sandy Hook

You will never be jaded
no time
no time
You will never know the burden
of adulthood

No wedding dance for you
it’s gone
it’s gone
the future that should have been
now denied you

I see the cold procession
they cry
they cry
and their peers have abandoned
for what’s beyond

All the parents’ proud moments
along with generations
that never come

The nail of mortality
it stings
it stings
and we’re robbed of our youth
and their security


One thought on “Friday Nite Poetry: Mourning Edition

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