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Protesting CAPP

Protesting CAPP (Photo credit: Caelie_Frampton)


I really wonder about people sometimes. Some of the things I read on Facebook in the comments on posts and I just shake my head. For instance, I read under a photo of a protest of Chase bank that envy is what causes people to not like capitalism. This is funny because the photo was specifically of a sign that read: I don’t have a problem with capital, I have a problem with theft.
I don’t want to speculate too much on the motives of the protesters, but if they are anything like me, envy is not really on their radar. I don’t protest because I am jealous of those that have. Let them be wealthy. I protest because they have undue influence on our government. I protest because they use that influence to create policy that is harmful to those less fortunate than myself. I protest because they drive policy that will destroy us all.
We form society so the weak may be protected from the strong, not vice versa. The strong need no protection. Yes there must be a balance. We need to avoid mob rule, though it seems they are OK with mob rule if they can get the mob sufficiently brainwashed with their various entertainments.
The sheer narcissism of it all both sickens and amuses me. That these people think we want to be them. Most everyone I know would not mind being a billionaire, myself included. We also have no particularly strong desire to be one. I have my friends, a warm house, my books, a computer to write on and food in my belly. All I really ask is that my neighbors have a fair shot at all of those things and are not required to live in misery because they cannot get hired or can be, but not at a living wage.
How frightened and sad must you be, on high in your penthouses, mansions, expensive townhouses, and such, that you view our motive as being envy? The funny thing is, fiscal conservatives often accuse fiscal liberals (well actually, those terms got switched a few years back, but that is a twenty page paper, not a less than 800 word blog post) of having a dismal view of humanity. Yet they are the people pointing fingers and living in fear of the masses. Fear that would not be necessary if they were willing to pay their fair share of  the privilege to live in a “free” society (again, just what constitutes “free” is an entirely different discussion.)
No, our motive is compassion. Our motive is the sisterhood of all mankind. Our desires are to make sure the least of us do not wither and die in misery and terror. We see a world in which a vanishingly small portion of our society is grabbing an ever larger portion of our resources and we are not jealous, we are concerned. We are concerned for our neighbors, our families, our friends, and even those on their perches, whose worlds will come tumbling down when there is no longer a base to support them. Our plan is to lift us all up, not drag you down, and if you were not so frightened, you would see that.



3 thoughts on “From Your Perch

  1. Thanks for bringing this up. I’ve run into that “envy” claim a few times, and I think it’s the self-flattery of the presently privileged. It’s also used as a stifling insult.


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