Friday Nite Poetry: Once More Around The Dance Floor

Hello gentle readers. I have neglected this, my favorite feature of this blog for a while now. I am all to eager to return to it. I don’t know that I am any great artist, but I will give it a go anyway.Today is my birthday, so our first poem will deal with that. From there I will turn to a little social commentary (because, hey, that’s what I do.) Finally in the midst of life and birth there is death and vice versa, so I will be sharing an old poem inspired by a young friend dealing with terminal illness. I hope you enjoy. It is so very good to be back.

And Many More

It’s just a day
nothing special
everyone one has one
and yet we each celebrate

The kid inside
demands attention
and I am so ready
to give it to her

It’s just a whim
no great shame
we all have it
and indulge just a little

We’re reminded
just a little
that we’re something
to so many

Just once more
around the sun
each trip a little faster
each lap a little shorter
fading those that came before
into a nostalgic blur
and I’ll take it
for every second
that it’s worth

Ideological Bulimia

Choking on the thick bile
burning your tongue
after swallowing to quick
a heaping helping
of your own certainty

How many times

Have you done this to yourself

How many more
before you learn your lesson

Arrogance over their ignorance
turning your stomach over
like a restless wrestler
eager to pin your nerves
against the back of your skull
until the bleed into your attitude
and you belch fire into the dialogue

How much do you need this
to cut the figure you want

How much of yourself
are you willing to lose
Broken Clocks and Faded Albums

What events are
left to be counted
to mark my passing
to measure the length
of my days

Will you remember them
the fits of laughter
the crying jags
the wild road trips
that make a life

Or will I be just an idea
my removal
a marker in your life
something to check off
as finished

Let me be more than that
and keep in mind
each moment
each fight hug and cup of joe
that we shared

Let me be so much more
than an empty seat
at Thanksgiving
or unopened gift
at Christmas

Let me be what I want
for as long as I want
for as long as I can
until I have no option
That’s it for this week folks. Stick around, I have so many surprises in store for you.


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