In case you did not know…

…I write poetry. I’ve been writing it for some time now. I started my freshman year in high school and have been scribbling verse on and off  since then. This was before Tumblr, WordPress, Facebook or even AOL. In fact, it was before Prodigy. Yeah, don’t ask. If you don’t recognize that last one it just means you are not among the ranks of the chronologically endowed (that sounds so much nicer than “old” doesn’t it?)

I bring this up because on December 7th, from 5pm until 7pm I will be reading as the featured artist for the first time. If you happen to be in the Greater Rochester NY area that day you can come see me at A Different Path Art Gallery at 27 Market St. in Brockport. I will be reading selected poems from my books, Ego Codex and Drawing Lines (take a gander at the column to your right if you want to learn more about them,) as well as a few newer pieces.
If you want check out some of my work you can follow my poetry tag here to check out my Friday Nite Poetry feature (which will be returning this Friday) or you can click on this link to my poetry tag on Tumblr. I know many of you will not be able to make it to the reading, being out of state and all but I hope those of you nearby join us. There will be refreshments and good company. In any case I know many of you will be there in spirit and I am sure I will feel those good vibes coming from you.

Peace and Love;


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