The Path Before Me

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Forgive me dear readers I have been negligent for at least a month now. Duty called and I answered and the life of a political activist, especially come election time, is a hectic one.

I like that: political activist. I have always been something of a pain in the ass about politics and now I can say I get paid to be. It’s nice. All my adult life I have worked in jobs, mostly in restaurants, that left me unfulfilled. It was not the pay, though usually that was substandard, but rather the nature of the work. Toiling in hot kitchens for people who view you as less than them because you work with your hands and knowing that unless you work in a health food restaurant you are probably making the world a worse place by enabling unhealthy eating habits is a good way to work on your first ulcer, or a panic attack.

Now I get to work to make the world a better place. The pay is OK, and potentially even good, but ultimately that is not important. I get to make a difference and even when I’ve had a bad day, by the next morning any anger, sorrow, frustration or anxiety I felt is gone. I can remind myself that the good I help do is worth any discomfort or inconvenience the job sends my way. Instead of working with people angry at their lot in life who either lash out at others or neglect their work because it does not matter, I work with caring people. They care about themselves (often in a non self-absorbed sort of way,) they care about me, and they care about others.

This is something I could have, and should have, done a long time ago. I will not wallow in regret though. I get to do it now and I am grateful for it. Who knows what will come next? I am hoping to earn a leadership position in one of the organizations I work for, not to be a boss, or to make more money, but to best use my talents to help them, if I can and if they let me. Again: it’s nice. Letting go of selfish, materialistic ambition that was only ever there because it filled, poorly, a void it had no hope of doing so with is liberating. I have found my niche, or at least one of them, and have not intention of leaving it anytime soon.


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