Creating Mosaics: More Than Skin Deep

Revlon Mad About Mango Scented Nail Polish

Revlon Mad About Mango Scented Nail Polish (Photo credit: The Fingernail Files |

Dear America;

You have a body image problem. I tell you this because I love you, and I think you are going to hurt yourself, if you haven’t started already. You obsess over your breasts, over your thighs, over six-pack abs and weight. You hate yourself if you are “ugly”, you loathe yourself if you are “beautiful” (whatever each of those words means.)

Sometimes you show glimmers of wisdom. You remember that you don’t have to look like Christina Aguilera, Chris Evans, Idris Elba or Jessica Alba. Sometimes. Occasionally you let yourself be yourself, and seem to be content with that.

More often than not though, you are spending all your time either calorie watching like a crazed bean counter, or stuffing your face with guilt swelling up inside of you as that danish swells momentarily in your belly. More often than not you let the media beat you over the head with images of who and what they consider beautiful and then hate both yourself and the subjects of those images for a failure that isn’t really a failure.

Define beauty for yourself, don’t let someone else do it for you. Let yourself feel beautiful, because you are.


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