Go to Meetin’: Let’s Hear it For Blasphemy!


Blasphemy Board

Blasphemy Board (Photo credit: mgerskup)


I would like a to take a moment and raise a glass. I want to share a drink, a toast, a cheer, a “huzzah” to all my fellow blasphemers out there. To the heretics, to the non-believers, to the pagans and apostates I say “good on us all!” We are the engine of progress. We kick the hornets’ nest, take our stings and make said hornets drop their ladybug disguises.
Today is International Blasphemy Day, and while I am sure my admiration for the day will raise some hackles, so be it. That, my friends is the point. People need to be shaken awake sometimes, maybe all of the time, and those of us that do the shaking earn their ire, because it is so much easier to sleep and dream.
My kudos do not just go out to those that don’t believe either. They go out to the Pagans, The Spiritualists, The New Agers, The Reformists within the Abrahamic Traditions (ie, Christians, Jews and Muslims) anyone who would dare question the status quo.
Those of us who legitimately stand up to those who dig in for entrenched belief and fundamentalism have a lot of work cut out for us. The folks whose beliefs enjoy privilege in our society will use every weapon in their considerable arsenal to silence us. We must not let them do so. We must keep questioning, keep fighting, keep blaspheming, not for ourselves, but for those whose lives are hurt by the “teachings” of the fundamentalists.
So take today to reflect on our struggles. Take today to remember what has come and to remind yourself what may still be. Take today to pat yourself on the back you rebel of the soul, and then get right back to work!



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