It’s Like A GD Ghost-town In Here…

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Seriously, who runs this place? Oh? What? That would be me? Mea culpa my friends. Mea maxima culpa!  My life has taken a turn for the busier, in many good ways, and I am just starting to get a handle on this whole having a good job and being social in the real world thing.


This is not to say I did not have friends before, I have many friends… my age. People who have families and obligations. People who are not late bloomers like myself, and therefore do not have much time to socialize, though oh how generous they are with what time they do have. Now I find myself making many excellent friends roughly a generation younger than I am. People who are about in the same place as me, who have roughly the same schedules and interests. I hope to have the time for all those that have been so giving of their own in the past, and I will be making an effort to make it so, but it will be a fun and interesting challenge doing so while juggling my work, art and friends old and new. If these are problems send more trouble my way.


I am finally seeing a path in my life that I can walk. Actually, I can see many paths that can be walked in tandem. I realize now that I really don’t want a family to call my own. Oh, I may feel different if I ever meet one person I want to commit my life to, but I just don’t see that happening, and for the first time in my life I am OK with that. I want to experience as many people, in as many ways, as I can.


What’s more, I have found work I can believe in, and employers that believe in me. I have gained experience that will open doors to more activism work. Hopefully this means I will never have to subject myself to the horror of food service again (there is nothing wrong with you if you work it, and enjoy it, but the drama was too much of the wrong variety for me.)


Finally, I am seeing real progress in my art. Two of my poems were selected by the ImageOut film festival to use in their ImageOutWrite literary magazine that they are publishing in tandem with the festival. I will also be enjoying my first reading as the featured artist in December. Life is good.


With that in mind, I need to add that this blog has been part of my good life since I started it earlier this year. I love and appreciate all of my readers. Your feedback has improved my art and fueled my confidence. I honestly believe I owe some part of all the above success to you guys. I will not be abandoning this blog and hopefully will be able to balance everything well enough to get back to daily posts, or more, soon.


There will be some minor changes. I will keep all my features, but they will not have assigned days, with the exception of the Friday Nite Poetry. There will be some cosmetic changes again too, as soon as I can afford to customize this beauty.


So thank you once again. I hope you all continue to let me entertain and hopefully educate and inspire you as well. You are my raison d’etre.


Pax et Amor;



4 thoughts on “It’s Like A GD Ghost-town In Here…

  1. I could nearly feel the energy flowing throuhg my own veins as I read this. Congratulations on . . . everything! Don’t worry about us. Go with what’s happening.


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