Go To Meetin’: More In Common Than We Think


English: Peace, love and happyness

English: Peace, love and happyness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It is easy to see our differences. Every belief set has their traditions. Every faith has rituals specific to them. For some believers an act may be a moral obligation, for others that same act is taboo. In one church a particular rite is absolutely essential, in another it may have been left to the dustbin of antiquity. I have written about our differences before, so I will not go any further here, I have something more important to talk about.


I want to discuss how much we have in common. Through all our faiths, or lack thereof, and through all our traditions there are some things that never change. These traits, these needs, bind us together more closely than we usually allow ourselves to recognize.


We all need to be safe.
We all need to be loved.
We all need to be happy.
We all need our loved ones to be happy and safe.
We all need to know our place in the universe, even if we do not believe there is a purpose for it.


Really, I think that about covers it. I would love to hear from everyone else about what they think, but I believe anything you might want to add to it, would fall under one of these categories.  It may not seem like a lot, but they are so very important, because when it comes down to it, we want these things more than anything else.


Of course my need to be happy may conflict with yours, but then we just have to take the time to work it out. Ultimately, the worse case scenario between two people should be their deciding not to interact with one another. It really is as simple as that.


We have been roaming this planet for over two hundred thousand years now. In the past six thousand we have built amazing civilizations and institutions that are diverse, beautiful and inspiring. We are capable of such greatness and could attain it if we just remembered those few, oh so important, items we have in common.



5 thoughts on “Go To Meetin’: More In Common Than We Think

  1. I like all your needs. Why would we … why should we need anymore?
    I guess we want the approval of others or recognition from others….which could fit under being love or being happy.

    Heck! I just want a few likes and comments on my blog. LOL

  2. I think of the differences as bubbles with tough membranes. What we belong to often supports itself by encouraging us to set ourselves apart. The things you mentioned, other than the last one, are then found inside the bubble. We tend to think they can only be found there. This makes the bubble happy.

    We need to find a way to see through each other’s bubbles.


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