Saturday Morning Cartoons: Privilege So Easy, an HBD Blogger Can Do It


Español: Autorretratos, pinturas al óleo

Español: Autorretratos, pinturas al óleo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Good morning Hand of Ananke readers and avid fans of hate-reading! Do I have some fun for you this morning, and of course, my typical ranting about people who rant.


Separate and Unequal: Education Parody (SBPDL)


Cracker masturbates to Charles Murray, now sports…


How to Stop Mass Murders, and Why It Won’t Happen (Whiskeysplace)


It’s kind of sad when someone gets so close to the finish line and then decides to turn around and start running the other way. Such is the case with this… call it an examination… of the shooting spree in Colorado.


I absolutely agree with him that we need to treat mental illness more seriously. Whiskey is correct when he surmises this might have been prevented had the shooter in this and other instances had access to proper mental health care. He speaks to my desire to see more inpatient care for those suffering from mental illness. He is more than a little ableist, and a little to eager to go back to warehousing those in need but hey, there’s room for dialogue right. And then, of course: “Ahhhhh Black people!


Seriously, how do we go from talking about preventing mass murder to whining about how easy PoC have it (in his twisted mind of course?) I guess it completely escaped his notice that Trayon (and man you know he gave it a few extra strokes when he saw how close that name is to Trayvon) was, you know, arrested as soon as they found him, as opposed to being let go at the seen.  Oh, and what are the odds that he would be alive to face trial had the police been there on the spot?


Parents who pay their kids’ rent (Half Sigma)


Some people just don’t get it. To them life is simply work, buy stuff to show status, maybe get laid, sleep, eat, and then work more. They go through the motions of life on autopilot and he who has the most accolades, toys, money in their bank account wins. The funny (sad?) part of this is HS spends so much casting aspersions on other people’s humanity he fails to recognize his own lack of it.


Just surviving is not living. Creating, dancing, singing, hiking, shooting, just partaking of everything and anything life has to offer, is living. HS has implied, if not flat-out stated, that interest in art is simply a way to mark one’s status. Actual understanding of appreciation is out of the question. In his world actual pursuit of the arts is a waste of time and sadly he misses out on so much.


HS and those like him are not human, they are Homo sapiens only. They are erect primates that eat, sleep, and procreate using more complex tools than other animals (including social tools with no value beyond advancement within the troop.) He misses out on the beauty of both Il Pagliacci and blue grass. To him it is simply enough to know that experts regard Van Gogh’s use of color to be the most masterful without every letting himself be swept away by it. It must be a terribly empty life.


Still, it is his life, and he is welcome to it. Where he annoys here is his insistence that others should not be encouraged or helped in living a different kind of life. If Ms. Koenig’s parents want to encourage her in her pursuits, it is their business. If Emma sees more to life than simply surviving, good on her, and if you don’t want to live that kind of life, then don’t.




Well, that’s all for this week folks. Be sure to tune in next week. I think I am going to make it an all MRM post. Let’s see what the boys have to whine about next.





4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Cartoons: Privilege So Easy, an HBD Blogger Can Do It

  1. I’m glad you’re motivated to keep an eye on those kinds of things, because I couldn’t even finish reading any of your links. It’s enough for me to know that some people live to wallow in conflict and contempt, and I don’t want too much of that caustic stuff in my eyes. I would like to just shut it out and pretend that it doesn’t exist, but I know better than that, so I choose to look at it through a filter (you.) Thanks.

    BTW, I feel a little lost. I’m ignorant of the meaning of many acronyms, encountering them for the first time. eg, HBD.


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