Saturday Morning Cartoons: Shootings and More Invective Against Obama


Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Good morning SMC fans, though I still don’t know how good a morning it can be just days after the horrific events in Colorado. As usual nobody wants to call this terrorism. Had this man been brown-skinned, expressed any leftist sentiment ever, or been Muslim, you can bet the MSM would have labeled him a terrorist by now. Here are a few people who disagree.


Would a Girlfriend Have Prevented A Senseless Tragedy (Half Sigma)


At least HS acknowledges this is a tragedy (more on that below.) You have to wonder about how emotionally stable someone who would take this sort of message from these events is though. Best case scenario, had the shooter been in a relationship his SO would have been in constant danger.


Also, I suspect that HS is really getting causality muddled here. This monster was probably single because he was incapable of relating to others. If he had half a brain, access to the internet and television, any loving family and a sense of decency, if he was really feeling that messed up in the head, he would have sought help rather than express his rage in a hail of bullets that ended fourteen lives.


A Different Take on The Colorado Shootings (Eradica)


It takes a special kind of beast to express any kind of admiration for the “skill” shown by the Colorado shooter (whose name, btw, will not be glorified on this blog.) Eradica is just that kind of beast.


I do have to give him props for calling the media out on its hypocrisy when our military does the same thing oversees. To him, of course, this just means we should do away with the military and police all together, since the “mercenaries” of the police and military are unwilling to lay down their lives since they are just getting paid (any vets out there care to weigh in on that?)


Finally, you gotta admire his tenacity and sheer ass hattery. He, like many on both the radical right and left, ties this in to violent movies and TV. Everyone is exposed to this phenomena and yet these events are so rare as to make them statistically significant in disproving the link between them and violent media.


Responses, Pictorial and Discursive, to Obama’s Communist, Anti-Human Vision (View From The Right)


On a different note, and really, Larry is the bet for these, I give you Mr. Auster’s latest anti-Obama rap.  It is funny that he is putting words into the PotUS’s mouth by saying the PotUS is putting words into other people’s mouths.


Actually Larry, many of these people, including the President’s presumptive challenger in November have said we have too many firemen and policemen, so yes, they do want to cut essential services. They have said that we don’t need to improve the country’s infrastructure. They have attacked the teachers’s unions (guess I am saying more than I intended here.)


You know what else, those services you don’t think are essential, are. What do you think will happen when people can’t feed their babies Larry. You, who hate PoC so much, who compares them to animals. Well, all human beings are animals and guess what happens when you starve an animal? It infuriates me to no end that the end results of real oppression (as opposed to the whining that not being able to oppress people is itself oppression like Larry and his ilk are fond of) are well documented throughout history and yet everyone seems to want to jump right on that road to revolution merry-go-round.


That’s all this week folks. Be sure to come back around next Saturday (or better yet, everyday) to see what amusing and infuriating fools we can find on the blogosphere.



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