A Call For Aid

Ananke (Nella Repubblica, Libro X, Platone, IV...

Ananke (Nella Repubblica, Libro X, Platone, IV-V century b.C.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello Hand of Ananke readers! It has occurred to me that while being polite and humble is a virtue, being coy is not. I have dropped a few hints in posts but have not actually actively solicited support.

It is my hope to drastically improve this blog. I would like to write longer articles and more of them. It would also be nice to offer actual interviews with people in the fields I write about: pastors, clerics and philosophy professors for Go To Meetin’, experts on diversity such as Tim Wise for Creating Mosaics as well as others. I would like to make this my full-time job, while volunteering and engaging in professional activism on the side.

To that end I have my “donate” button on the right of your screen. I live a fairly spartan lifestyle, I don’t need a lot for me, but if I am going to be able to put the time into this I want to for you, I need to earn. It would also help to be able to take the bus for closer interviews (though I can do many of those online) and for a real examination of various issues (going to impoverished, predominantly PoC communities in the South for instance.)

Whether or not you contribute I appreciate all of my readers and hope you continue to come here and enjoy my essays and poetry. Thank you all.

Pax et Amor;


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