Saturday Morning Cartoons: Something Old, Something New, Something That Will Make You Want to Puke [TW: Rape]



Romney (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)


Good morning Hand of Ananke readers, and oh what a morning it is. I will be taking off soon to march in this year’s Pride Parade (Rochester gets to it kind of late) but that does not mean I have forgotten you, and boy do I have some doozies for you. Mr. Auster is back (I’m pretty sure he’s going to be back almost every week) but I have two new (to you) blogs this week. Who says you can’t get variety with racist fools? Well, I do, but at least the style will be slightly different even if the subject matter is not. On that note, we start with…


Elderly to be Euthanized Under Obamacare? (Prison Planet) 


One of our new entries this week, Prison Planet doesn’t fail to make us laugh. That’s the thing I love about these guys, they are so funny, just not on purpose. I mean, it’s been what, three years? Even most of the GOP have given up on the “death panel” bull, but not our good friend at PP. No, just click your heels, keep saying it, and maybe it will make it true.


Just for good measure he tries to level the charge against Britain’s NHS. You know the model for Obamacare (in some alternate universe I am sure.) Britain, you may not realize, is that horrible country where even the poorest citizens enjoy better health across the board than our wealthiest.


Which is Worse: Heavily Tattooed People, or Lesbians Who Want Your Children To Play With Their Children? The Answer: Heavily Tattooed Lesbians That Want Your Children To Play With Their Children. (View From The Right)


And the Ridiculously Unwieldy Title Award goes to: Larry Auster! Is it really any surprise that our pal at View From The Right could walk away with the prize on that one? Why bother with an article at all? We pretty much know from the small paragraph sized link above that it is going to be a screed against both tattoos and lesbians, both of which are icky and gross and a crime against Gawd.


I like the quote from Thinking Housewife (a future target here, I assure you), especially the part about risking intimidation by those bothersome lesbians. Newsflash: you don’t want your kids to play with mine (well my hypothetical ones) they suffer, not us. I won’t intimidate you, I’ll just find another play date for my kid all the while feeling bad for yours. Oh, and by “quote” above, I should actually say, the half the article that she effectively wrote for Larry because he was too tired after coming up with the title.


Why Romney (Eradica)


Finally, our second new entry. I do believe Eradica will be putting the “hate” into hate reading. It is hard not to dislike someone who can write the term “devoted nationalist” like it is a good thing. Yes Eradica, because that sort of ideology has worked so very well for every country that has ever practiced it. Sure he, and the rest of us, will go down in flames, but it will be while clutching a flag pole and singing Battle Hymn of the Republic.


Ultimately though, he saves the gross for the end, and does so by quoting an exchange by two of my favorite performers. His main reason for wanting Romney to win, indeed maybe his only deeply held reason, is that he wants to see the look on black people’s faces a la the expression of a prison rape victim. Way to keep it classy Eradica. Congratulations you may be the worse human being I have ever encountered in any way, shape, or form


That’s all this week folks. Please enjoy, or better yet don’t, the rantings of these gentlemen. By all means, troll the heck out of them!



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