[TW: Rape] Looking For Survivors

Hello folks. I am looking for some folks to share their stories with the world. I understand that a very small percentage of you will step forward because reliving the trauma is too much for almost anyone to bear. For those of you who can though, I would like to gather your stories to send to Daniel Tosh and every one of the comedians defending him so they can see why this is no laughing matter.

Last night Tosh posted a tweet bemoaning that his show is over and painting himself as a victim. We need to show him what a real victim is and how his, and his defenders, add to that victimization. Joking about horror is only funny and acceptable if you are using it as a tool to heal your own horror or deal with the very real fear you have to deal with as a (under privileged group here.) Joking about something you will, in all likelihood, never have to face, is bogus, cowardly and cruel.

Quite frankly I would like to see him, Louis CK (who I was just beginning to like), Patton Oswalt and all the others forced to subsist on Ramen Noodles for the rest of their life. Barring that, I would like to force them to take a long hard look at the experience they think can be viewed as funny. I would like them to see, clearly see, how his comment about the young woman in his audience was utterly beyond the pale and an example of the kind of silencing women face every day.

So please, if you can, share your stories here, or on my Tumblr where this post will be linked. Daniel Tosh thinks he knows horror, let’s show him what real horror is.


2 thoughts on “[TW: Rape] Looking For Survivors

  1. Last comment of today, I swear! I was so enraged by this story (What Tosh joked about). Can you imagine the fear those young women felt as they exited the theater? With the main comedian and the audience laughing at how funny it would be to rape? It gives me chills.

    And rape is never funny. Ever. Joking about rape only serves to perpetuate our rape culture, and keep women living in fear.

    I did not know that Louis CK and Patton Oswalt were defending him. Thank you for sharing. While I already hated Oswalt (and Tosh), I was a big fan of Louis CK. (sigh)…now I need to add him to my boycott list…this list just keeps growing.

    • I know, I was disappointed in CK as well. Jezebel did a pretty good article on actual funny rape jokes. A funny rape joke actually challenges rape culture. Just asserting that rape can be funny and that it would be funny if a person got raped is disgusting. It would not even be funny if Tosh got raped. Just, perhaps, but not funny.

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