Friday Nite Poetery: Golden Oldy Nite




Highest Explore Position #83 ~ On July 27th 20...

Highest Explore Position #83 ~ On July 27th 2008. Timber Wolf Cub – Colchester Zoo, Colchester, Essex, England – Saturday July 21st 2008. Click here to see the Larger image Baby Wolf Cub – Born May 20th 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sorry folks, it has been a crazy but mostly good week here at Hand of Ananke. For the first week in months I actually did not write one poem. I hope that does not become a habit. So this week I have for you three old ones of mine. The first two are just good fun. The last, Lost Cub, appears in my book Ego CodexWhen I wrote it, it was the first poem I had written in nearly a decade. I wrote it when my cousin, and oldest, best friend in the world, Steve, died. I hope you enjoy them all.












I sit at the table:
Council of ages
Wondrous feat performed
From crisp, clean pages.






Necromancers foul,
And paladins true
The company I keep
As I sit next to you.






Little talismans
Our plastic, prayer beads
The random devices
Which fuel our deeds.






Great epics unsung
Heroics noticed not
We gain better awards
Never cursing our lot.






What finer trophy
Than the hours well spent
Creating new worlds
With excellent friends?






Post Ritual






Zero and one
And one and zero
Dancing too fast
To electronic hero
Moving to the beat
And swaying to the light
Keep the bodies moving
And you’ll feel alright
Casting your lot
And rolling the dice
Working the crowd
And feeling so nice
Soft curvy girls
And hard bodied boys
Like to check each other
Like to make that noise
I don’t really care
Because I’m feeling okay
I just hope I make it
To see Sunday






Lost Cub






Little wolf cub
How will you know
To find your way
Through such deep snow
The trackless wild
Has been your home
In strange new lands
You now must roam
For your whole pack
You clear the way
To gentle lands
We all can stay
Little wolf club
Though we must part
You stray not far
From broken heart.






And there you have it poetry lovers, the beginnings of my renewed love of the art. See you all next week.







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