Friday Morning Phone Call: Seeing the Horizon

It has been a weird first week of work. I am still getting used to the evening schedule. I had not realized how quickly one can get back on a regular day schedule and how much that can throw you off. Things, on the whole with this new gig are going well. I am meeting new people, learning new things about myself and I am working at something amazingly positive.

I don’t know, but maybe this job has created a shift in me, or maybe the shift occurred before that which is why I pursued it aggressively. I am sick of sitting by passively while the world comes down around us. I am sick of watching people poison our ground, air and water. I am sick of so many of us being treated like second class citizens when, as a species, we should have grown up and gotten past that. I am sick of so much of the world’s wealth being held in the hands of so few, while so many starve and die.

That’s why I am not limiting my activities to just this job. I will be marching with Planned Parenthood in the Pride Parade tomorrow. Also, I will be volunteering with them this summer, canvassing on the weekends. Anything I can do to help. I want to find a way to tutor inner city kids this fall, that’s if I don’t take the money I make this summer and decide to go and join another Occupy Protest elsewhere. I will, of course, be continuing to blog it all. I see my future, the one I should have seen all along, right on the horizon. It is a future of fighting for those that cannot fight for themselves, and one worth walking.

On another note, and maybe to that end, some of you may have noticed the “Donate” button on the right of your screen. Every bit helps. I would love to be able to focus my energy on volunteering, activism and blogging. I can do that while working the daily grind, but I would like to be able to do more. Thanks for reading gentle people, and I will see you over that horizon.


3 thoughts on “Friday Morning Phone Call: Seeing the Horizon

    • No, it does not. It is just a temporary gig, but it is work doing something I love. Even the “no’s,” which for our number the “yes’s” usually give me something positive to take away from it. I do wish for their sake people would give, even a little. These people do get results and we are fighting groups with very deep pockets.

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