Saturday Morning Cartoons: God, Fertility and People Darker Than You

It has been a long time since OneSTDV has posted anything new. I am starting to get kind of worried. Is he sick? I miss him because his material was easily the most amusing. Ah well, the rest have not failed to satisfy starting with…

The God Particle Returns-The Total Victory of Materialism Impends! (View From The Right)

I don’t expect everyone to be as geeked out as I am about the likely discovery of the Higgs boson this week, but it takes a seriously sad soul to make it bad news. Larry Auster is just such a sad soul.

It is also sad, but not that surprising, that he takes the atheists ability to still find beauty in the universe without the need for the divine as some sort of sign that we need to replace his religion with one of our own. Apparently being able to appreciate the world is a trait only to be found by the faithful.

Really though, I think Larry’s objection can be summed up to an aversion to this line he quoted from Christopher Potter:

In a world filled with divisiveness of all kinds, how wonderful to be reminded that we are all in this together.

To someone like Larry, and his followers, the idea of people coming together must be terribly frightening.

The Gordion Knot Appears: Untangle Atlanta, Untangle America (Stuff Black People Don’t Like)

It takes some serious hate to make something as innocuous as fixing traffic congestion in one of America’s largest cities into a racist screed. Unfortunately SBPDL is full to the brim with that kind of hate.

From calling public transportation initiatives a jobs program for black people to ranting about the crime rate in Atlanta and how a majority of crime is committed by black people there (shocking when you consider a majority of people living there are black, nice detective work buddy) he cannot help but wear his bigotry cred with pride. He even cites the gentrification of urban neighborhoods, but somehow turns that into a problem created by PoC rather than one facing them.

NY Time Article About NAM’s in the Hamptons (Half Sigma)

NAM’s for the uninitiated, are “Non Asian Minorities” because, of course, we have to reinforce the stereotype of Asians as the “model” minorities to beat other minorities over the head with.

There is not much to say here. Apparently by hiring minorities to do their lawns, wealthy people are making life worse for the (mostly gainfully employed) white middle class in the Hamptons. Yes boys and girls, you read that right, just by being brown you are hurting those poor, poor white people.

The Wall Survives Intact (Chateau Heartiste)

Yes, because it is impossible that a woman wanting a child at 45 might actually already have a partner with whom to have that child. It is impossible that she might want to have a child on her own.  No it is impossible to have a child without the input of an aging adolescent. I wonder if Roissy realizes that he is in a minority opinion, even among the macho tool demographic.

Well, that’s all this week folks! Remember, as amusing as they are, this is really just an exercise in catharsis. For the deeper stuff, join me tomorrow for my Go To Meetin’ feature, when I will be talking about faith and the need to prove the existence of God.


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