Occupy This!: The Letter Home

I had a few ideas about what I wanted to do for an Occupy This! post on the Fourth of July. Nothing really came together. Then this poem jumped out of my head.

The Letter Home

Dear America;

Know that I love you.
I just want to fix your hurts,
to help my brothers and sisters,
live a life without fear.

I want my older brother
to stop raiding mom’s account
to feed his addictions.

I want my nieces and nephews
to grow strong
and wise
and proud
and to not have opportunity
hidden from their eyes
by covetous hands.

I want my home
to not look like a frat house,
fit only for my cousin’s walk of shame.

I want my neighbor
to feel safe in her space.
I want her to feel
love instead of suspicion,
belonging instead of derision.

I want father
to get up off of his ass
and do something about it
to get back to work
get off the couch
and remember his duties.

I want all these things
and I remember:
there is no mother
no brother
no sister
or father.

There is only us
and we can still find our way.

Happy Fourth of July everyone. Don’t forget how far we’ve come and how far we’ve yet to go.


One thought on “Occupy This!: The Letter Home

  1. When will George Jr. make his speech to the Republican Convention? (satire) At least the Democrats have an ex-President who is pualopr enough to speak at their convention to a nation-wide TV audience in prime time.

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