Go To Meetin’: Perfect In His Imperfection

“There’s only been one perfect person”
–  Christian admonition to not expect imperfection.

“Yeah, and I can only be so many places at once.”
– Me

All kidding aside, I have always found that first assertion curious. I can appreciate the love my Christian friends have for their God. I can appreciate and even understand (though most of my non-believer friends do not) the idea of the Holy Trinity. What I have the most trouble with is the idea that Christ was perfect, or that  you would even want him to be.

“Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.”
– Luke 22:42

Here is Jesus, practically begging the Father to not make him go through what he knows he must. Please, find some other way, do not let them torture and kill me. There must be a better way to redeem them. We know, of course, that according to the faith there was not.  Still, Christ is frightened, and who would not be. He faltered, if for only a few minutes, in his faith in the Father’s Design. If you are a Christian, of any variety, please do not take this as an attack on your belief system, but rather as an opportunity to see your faith in a new light.

As I suggested above, I do not understand why you would want to ignore the implications of this passage, and why you would want Jesus to be perfect. His prayer at Gethsemane humanizes him and the good news is, that is good both for him and for you. Had he been perfect, had he shrugged his shoulders and said “of course I know what is to come: the pain, the cruelty and the loss, but I also know what is to come after: Paradise and your redemption” his sacrifice would have been an empty gesture, the act of a vain (and really, when you think of it, not so perfect after all) being. That is not what he was, though. For just a bit he was a frightened man who gave in, however briefly, for his desire to run away from his responsibilities. That gives his actions real weight. That, if you believe, makes him The Redeemer.

So no, he was not perfect, but that fact is perfect. I may not share  your faith, but if I did, I would probably make Luke 22:42 its cornerstone. While you may not choose to do the same, I think it is at least worth reflecting on.

Pax et Amor;


2 thoughts on “Go To Meetin’: Perfect In His Imperfection

  1. I am a Christian, but I do understand your point here. For me, Christ exemplifies perfection, but also his deepest humanity. He was/is both fully God and fully human. I respect your deep thoughts in these matters.

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